Committee Chair: Lana Mitchell

Prayer Bears – a gift from the congregation for someone sick or hurting, funded through Thrivent. Take one to share when you know someone who needs support.

Can you help??? Beginning in January, 2019, Greeters will be asked to sign up for an entire month at a time, same as our Ushers. There will be a sign-up sheet and if you have a particular Sunday during that month you will be absence, you are asked to notify Lana Mitchell, who will be happy to secure replacements. Any two individuals can be Greeters, i.e., females, males, couples, children and their parents. Please remember when you are Greeters, to identity visitors to our church, ask them to sign the “Guest Book” and give them a church “Visitor Mug”. These mugs are located in the Narthex, on the counter, in a basket. Also, as a Greeter, you are responsible for bringing the bread and wine to the Pastor and Worship Assistant, for communion. Following the Offering, and prior to the (Choir) Anthem ending, leave your seat and go to the Narthex where the Ushers will give you the bread and wine to bring forward. The bread and wine are brought forward by the Greeters and two ushers bring forth the offering. You pass the bread and wine to the Pastor and Worship Assistant, you remain at the front of church, until they have presented them, bowed and turn around to return for the offering, at this time you leave to return to your seat. Thanking the entire congregation in advance for your participation!

Why Nametags?  NAMETAGS are helpful for a variety of reasons! They help newer members get to know people more easily. They help people with memory loss recall who you are.  They help children get to know the adults by their names. If you don’t have a nametag but would like one, please write down your name and we will have one made for you.  If you have one already they are being hung up on the left side of the front doors for convenience.

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10:00am – Worship Service with Holy Communion
11:00am – Adult Sunday School in person and over Zoom


We are handicap accessible with handicapped parking spaces on the side entrance of the building as well as a chair lift to access the downstairs.  We also have hearing assisted devices available.